Sunday, January 19, 2014

Breathing is something we all do in order to live.  But how many times have you been told in your lifetime when things get stressful to just ‘breathe?’ 

It is always funny to hear someone tell you to breathe.  After all, don’t you do that anyway?
But this ‘breath’ is really more of a life pause:

*It is a pause for reflection.

*It is a time to stop in your tracks and take note of what really matters.

* The breath is meant to remind you to feel where you are at, not simply react, freak out, be stressed or take things out of context.

* It is for taking a moment that is yours and only yours for yourself to regain your position of balance and being, counting to ten. 

Breathing sometimes helps us to examine where our priorities are, evaluate what energy is in our lives and what is working and not working for us.   It gives us a chance to appreciate the things we normally ignore, because we breeze through life.  

Breathing helps us see where we are and helps us to get where we are going, while clearing a space we can reserve for positive insight.

Whenever we have a chance to step aside and not taking everything so seriously, we soon discover just how much energy we waste on a daily basis on things that simply don’t matter when we look at life’s larger picture.  

Have you ever gone on a jog or run and suddenly needed to stop to catch your breath?   When we stop ourselves mid-stride, sometimes we are given an opportunity to gather scattered dispersed energies in order to regain new energy. Taking time to take a breath also shifts how our bodies physically react to any given situation.  

Breathing in also gives us a chance to reconnect with nostalgic memories.  Whether you are smelling Grandma’s special recipe for a hearty beef stew or perhaps the aroma of a roaring fire reminds you of campfire chats when you were a child, we can trigger many memories from our past by breathing in scents to help us recall certain times in our life.    The smell of an old book, a holiday candle, popcorn or cotton candy can take us back to times we cherish. 

With that said, when considering your next conscious ‘breath’ – remember that it is important to also exhale all that ails you…  stress, tension, pent up emotion, frustration and things that are not within your own control in order to give you the release you need.  Mental, emotional and physical well-being is reliant on the ultimate cleansing breath. 

Take care of your health.  Stay well and flu free.  Keeping your sinuses healthy and clear because you took the time to be conscious of your breathing when stressful situations compromise your immunity is important. 

As we enter the holiday season, a time when most get overwhelmed with life, errands, daily tasks and the calendar – remember to breathe and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers along the way. 

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It