Monday, December 6, 2010

The holidays are stressful enough without having to tack on a huge cell phone bill filled with calls and texting. Two key reasons the holidays have become more stressful have to do with being too dependent on technology…. From the big bill to the fact that when we don’t connect with our loved ones in person, we don’t have the kind of support we need during a season when it’s supposed to be about being together.

It’s a hi-tech world. And we have all become very lazy in relying upon our cell phones. If your family is under the same roof or nearby, one of the greatest things you can do to save money is to unplug. By unplugging your cell phone, did you know you can actually be more plugged into communicating with your family better than ever before?

While cell phone calls and texting is ideal for long-distance families and busy families – if you are in the same city, neighborhood or same household, there is no excuse for having your cell phone replace your in-person relationships.
Your personality and your personal relationship with your family should not be 100% reliant on the phone. We have lost something with cell phones becoming an easy alternative to spending time with people we care about. All this does is rack up big bills each month, even on the best cell phone plans.

Making the habit of having a weekly family gathering like a Sunday dinner or a once-a-month big event like a movie night or game night is more cost effective. And there is no excuse to not have this if you live near each other.
This is also true for dating and romantic relationships. Making the effort to ‘unplug’ can be one of the biggest money-saving tips of all.

The best thing you can do to improve your relationship with your friends, family and with your romantic partner is spending time together. And when you DO spend time together, you can improve your quality time by putting cell phone away. Spending time together does not have to cost a lot of money.

The holidays are the perfect time to take in the season for free. Wrapping gifts together, shopping together (both tackling your lists or even just window shopping if you have all your holiday shopping done), decorating together – these are great ways to spend quality time with everyone you love without having to be on your cell 24/7.

Take the time to enjoy the holidays the old fashioned way and improve your relationships in your life by giving yourself the gift of putting your cell phone away for the season. Even if you can’t rid yourself of the addiction for that long and just allow yourself to take the week off, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of reconnecting on a real level.

Make the New Year’s resolution to “unplug” more often and have an uninterrupted dinner with your family, quality time with your friends and one-on-one face time with your significant other. You’ll be starting the New Year off with a deeper and more meaningful way to stay connected with those you care about. And you won't just find that your cell phone bill is lighter, but your spirit will be more light-hearted as well having had the time to unplug and have real laughs in person, rather than forwarding or texting hundreds of jokes.


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