Saturday, January 29, 2011

PROBLEM: You are being presented with a few options and you don’t know which one to choose.
This could be anything from getting two different offers from colleges; having two different job offers; having your bid accepted on two different cars or properties or even being invited to two different holiday celebrations with different sides of the family. What do you do?

SOLUTION: Life is about choices. How wonderful it can be to have a choice at all. The worst choice is making no decision at all or letting a decision paralyze your mobility in life to move forward with actually having a life.

How do you weigh your options? What is the best decision?

The answer to this lies within you. What do you want? How will your decision affect the long-term? What other lives are affected by this decision? What will give you the best opportunity to enjoy your decision.

Of course there are no easy answers. But the solutions can be easy. You have to adapt to how your decision will affect the outcome of your choice in the long run. If this decision involves the feelings and well-being of others – of course the decision is an important one to make. If this involves family – like a purchase choice involving them and where you all will benefit, a discussion is key to making a decision as well as financial considerations.

If this involves a gathering or celebration, divide up your time to try to accommodate both and then there are no ill feelings for either party. Showing up is the solution and you can solve the issue by making a short, sweet visit.
If the decision involves education or a job/career- everything must be weighed to ensure the best path for your employment future – both growth-wise and stability in an otherwise, unstable economy. Ask yourself if this decision will help propel you to where you want to be going next.

The key is to not become overwhelmed with decision and to not let your emotional confusion take over and end up giving you negativity – mentally, emotionally or spiritually because this can manifest into stress, worry and illness physically. It’s also important to not take this confusion/frustration out on innocent loved ones in your life – because if you end up causing upset, this can actually affect your decision and you’ll end up making the wrong one.

At the end of the day, we have choices. It’s how we make those choices that gives us the ability to make the most out of our lives in being happy, well-rounded, productive people with knowing we did ‘the right’ thing for the moment. But such decisions do not need to be stressful or unbearable or affect the quality of your life now. The decision you make is a choice. Keep in mind nothing is temporary and nothing is permanent. Think about that for a moment. So whatever decision you make today, can always change tomorrow. And tomorrow you can change how you deal with the decisions you've made. You always are fortunate to have the choice.


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