Friday, June 3, 2011
PROBLEM: You realize every single time you go to the store, you’re spending money on items for specific tasks.

SOLUTION: Multi-purpose everything you buy into doing at least 2-3 things or don’t make the purchase.

This sounds simple and easy to do and it is. But most of us “forget” that while we’re good at multi-tasking our lives and busy schedules with work, school, home, family and friends, we often don’t think about multi-tasking when it comes to ‘things.’

Recently here at We Solved It, we came across an item that does at least 10 things!

Athena used the item for several every day uses at home and so did Tess. After casually mentioning one of the recent weekend home maintenance chores that had to be done, they discovered they each used the item for different things and now wish to share them with you.

There is an item called “The Gripliner.” It’s a plastic/rubbery spongey mat in a roll that you mainly use for lining your shelves at home, cutting it to size. You can buy this at any grocery store or store like Target or Wal-Mart where they sell contact paper.

This is what it looks like:

You may have seen it in stores. It comes in a variety of colors. Here are 10 uses we have found for the item, please feel free to jump on in and share yours with us!

1) Shelf liner for cupboards, kitchen pantry, closets and drawers.

2) Tired of all these stupid accessories you have to buy for your cell phone? The clips for the cars sometimes don’t always hold. And when you place outgoing mail or things on your dash they slide every single time you make a turn. Well, not anymore! Just cut a piece of Gripliner and place it on your dash, not only will your cell phone won’t slide across it when you turn, but anything else you put on your dash won’t either. Also this Gripliner is a great temporary floor mat for your car as well, and works fantastically in the trunk of your car to prevent lots of small items from sliding and protects the interior for when you go to the gardening section of the home improvement store.

3) Cut to use as placemats. These are particularly nice on glass-top patio furniture outdoors or as a runner for a picnic table in the backyard. You can even make a no-slip placemat for your dog and cat bowls to sit on so your pets can eat without the bowl sliding all over your tile, wood or vinyl flooring. It’s protective and washable.

4) Cut them round or square or any shape you want (even flower shape) to use as coasters.

5) The gripper makes a fantastic jar opener for those tight jars in the kitchen.

6) Do you have dishware or fine china you only bring out for the holidays? Cut squares of this as a protective dish stacker – prevents them from clanging/chipping/cracking and scratching.

7) Don’t you hate it when those stainless steel/chrome shower caddies have huge slits in them and things like your disposable razor or other items simply ‘fall through the cracks’ of the caddy defeating the purpose? Just cut a piece to size. The material is water resistant and prevents a nice grip so your razor won’t keep falling out slicing your toes in the shower.

8) Do you have a lot of house plants? Don’t you hate it when your potted plants leave that nasty dirt ring on surfaces? Make a potted plant coaster for all your plants in the house. It’ll protect your surfaces.

9) Do you own a lot of those thin plastic cutting boards? Tired of having those slide on your slick countertops in the kitchen? Just place a piece of the Gripliner underneath it and it won’t skid or slip. It also works the same way for non-rubber back entry way mats on tile.

10) In a pinch, if you have extra Gripliner left over after all these projects and just don’t know what to do with it, save it… doesn’t matter how odd shaped the pieces are – they make great protective packing material for moving or shipping fragile items.

This item is just one example of ways to solve many problems at once with one item. There are hundreds of uses for any item like this where you can maximize your hard-earned dollars and do many things around your home and improve your quality of life. This is just a sample of what the We Solved It mission is and what our books are about.

Join us for the Solution Revolution! We're here to make your lives more affordable and easier to manage!



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