Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Between Fall and Spring each year, there is always a new flu virus.  And this year, it seems no matter where you look, there is something about the flu.  With all this news swirling about, sometimes it’s difficult to stay centered and healthy and know what it is to do.  And while many news reports tell you some of the basics we all know (like washing our hands frequently), there is a lot more to staying healthy.

For all of us here at We Solved It, we wanted to remind everyone that staying peaceful is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick.  STRESS is the number one cause for compromising your immune system.  Did you know that?

It’s called ‘fight or flight’ – and during high stress times (like the holidays where there are events, gatherings, family, shopping, baking, wrapping, sending out greetings, etc. for both personal and business) is a time when most people get sick. When the New Year starts – people just have not recovered from the crazy season and start the New Year off with new goals, new diets and such, without giving their bodies a chance to regroup.  What creates the ‘stress’ is trying to be a superhero trying to do too much ON TOP of an already hectic schedule. 

Add this to climate change, in and out of heated and air conditioned spaces, exposure to more people, around co-workers who just won’t stay home when they are ill, blowing off a workout because of fatigue and a poor diet because you’re too busy to eat, so you eat crap…. Well, you’re just the prime host for the flu virus!

So what to do?!

·         DON’T STRESS.  While this seems difficult for some people, this is what taking control of your peaceful being is all about.  You need to breathe, meditate, keep calm – this not only keeps your blood pressure and stress levels down, it keeps you strong enough to stay healthy. 

·         WORK OUT. Just because you are feeling blah and lazy, don’t stop exercising. You need to stay healthy. Exercise is part of that.  Exercise also helps to release stress and helps you stay in your  well-balanced space.   

·         EAT RIGHT.  While it is tempting to go through that drive-thru fast-food crap palace for a quick bite, try to eat as healthy as you can.  Most of us do crave comfort food during this time and we can still eat it, but be mindful of what we are eating.  Try healthy snacks like apples in-between meals (yes, an apple a day does keep the doctor away) and fresh veggies instead of candy bars.  Not only do you build up your immunity with vitamins, but you will feel less fatigued.   Sugar makes you crash hard – as well as compromise your immunity.

·         CLEAN. Yes, this helps. When flu season is a time when our sinuses are most vulnerable anyway, don’t forget about cleaning.  Vacuuming and dusting will help us with allergies and also keep our sinuses from being irritated, compromising their health, which make them vulnerable to colds/flu.  Also – using disinfecting spray (like Lysol, which kills flu germs) on door knobs and trash areas is additionally helpful.  Keep wipes in your car – clean your steering wheel (where soooo many germs lurk) and your cell phones, home and office phones. You’ll be surprised how this will help keep you healthy and less susceptible to germs.

·         DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF TEA AND SOUP.  Hot liquids are great for your health and tea and soup are no exception.   Let’s start with tea. You know how when you are sick, a cup of tea seems to be calming?   Teas have antioxidants and some teas have special ingredients and herbs like licorice (for a sore throat) Echinacea (immunity), ginger  (for nausea) and citrus peel and rose hips (vitamin C and immune boosters).   Soups are not only nutritious and calming, but good food – especially with lots of vitamin-rich vegetables, particulary if you don’t really like eating vegetables.  If you want a twist on your typical chicken soup, try a Thai soup called Tom Yum Kai with chicken.  The lemongrass and chiles are excellent for your immune system and help you sweat out that fever and open your nasal passages.   Japanese Miso Soup has all the benefits of soy and the immune booster of green onions.   Chinese Chicken Won Ton Soup has all the benefits or regular chicken soup and sometimes (depending on where you get it from) extra onion and garlic which have antiviral benefits to your system.

·         Don’t go to work if you have a fever, raw throat or body aches. You are contagious and you will end up getting everyone sick and this will just keep recycling over and over because no one can get well.

·         Yes, the news is right - Wash your hands frequently!  From the gas pump, to the ATM, handrails on escalators and buttons in elevators, door knobs, etc. plus spending (money has lots of germs) – you are picking up germs everywhere.  Be smart and keep bacteria to a minimum and wash your hands so you don’t get yourself sick doing everyday things.

·         MANNERS!  Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and cough. And then wash your hands afterward or keep hand sanitizer in your pockets so you don’t touch your eyes or nose and keep re-infecting yourself or others.

·         DON’T TRY TO BE INVINCIBLE.  Stay out of draughts, wear a jacket, don’t do stupid things like going swimming when it’s cold out and running yourself ragged.  This will only make you more vulnerable. While these things don’t cause the flu, they compromise your immunity wearing you down to be susceptible.  And of course go to the doctor.  Get a flu shot or get yourself on antibiotics. This year’s flu season is NOT something to play roulette with.  Make sure you get yourself on the healthy track.  AND PLEASE DO NOT FLY if you are sick. You’ll only make a whole plane full of passengers and the crew ill, ruining their holidays.

·         LEARN TO SAY NO!  And don’t feel guilty about it.  While this time of year it’s easy to feel guilt declining an invitation here or there, if your body is exhausted, don’t push yourself to try to please other people.  You’ll only end up sick.  And if you are already a little under the weather, you may end up getting 30-100 other people sick because you didn’t say ‘no.’  So please honor yourself. Honor your body. Honor and respect the health of others. Honor your spirit and you’ll find yourself healthier, stronger and happier.. and definitely more peaceful and balanced.

Practicing calm centering in your life every single day is vital to overall health.  Make time for yourself to be healthy and stay healthy and do the things that make you stress-free and strong.  If we do not take time to take care of ourselves, we are doing ourselves and all those around us a disservice.  And if we reclaim our commitment to healthy ways of being and living, we’ll not only avoid getting the flu, but we’ll ultimately be giving ourselves a very essential gift of health all year long. 

Stay healthy. Stay Balanced.



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