Monday, February 4, 2013

Depending on who you ask about the saying “When one door closes, another one opens” or “When one door closes, a window opens…”    - regardless of which one you refer to, you know that the end result is a door opening or a window opening.  

Many people have the recurring dream of walking down a hallway of doors (i.e. many choices, decisions to be made, with some open).  Dream interpreters will tell you open doors are a good thing… it means a new opportunity.   And this is exciting.   However, when we hear this saying or cliché’ we often dismiss it because the pain of the closed door seems heartbreaking to say the least. It’s like a slammed door.   We cannot get frustrated about closed doors, or worse, locked doors.  Locked doors are sometimes for our own protection… ‘to not enter.’  

We need to examine what doors mean…. For real, today in the real world we live in.
Many of us are all experiencing a face-to-face meeting with a door here and there, especially right now.  But this is not to feel lost.  This is not to feel discouraged. This is not to feel frustration or question the Universe.  The Universe as we know it has a plan, a master plan.  And that master plan has a door or many doors open to us, to enter and explore.
We often forget that new experiences, while uncomfortable for some, are a huge sign to take on an opportunity.  Some people feel this is scary, unknown, so new that it takes us out of our comfort zone.   Some people just run through doors not looking both ways or consider another door, which may require some thought.

We must remember,  that we are given gifts. These gifts are to be utilized.  Our brains (thinking logically and being mindful of our choices is what we must do);  Our intuition (if it feels uncomfortable or wrong, it is uncomfortable and wrong); Our imagination (being creative may become necessary when an unexpected door closes) ; Our adaptability (to embrace change, chance and doors which open when we least expect.).

We cannot dwell too long on the closed door, or we will miss the opened one. While we are entitled to our feelings and time to grieve, if we waste time and energy on the closed door, we can sabotage our opportunity to open new ones.  We also cannot dwell too much on open doors that we lose sight of the power of persistence to the door that just closed.  If we remain in our stubborn mindset that we are right and the world is wrong, then we will most certainly burn our hands on the door knobs of the future.

Sometimes letting a door hit us in the a** on the way out is humbling.  Sometimes it is necessary in order to grow, particularly if we are stubborn.  Sometimes having a door closed can be a blessing in disguise, but we have to look into our own eyes --- which they say happen to be the ‘window’ to the soul, right? 

If we look at every opportunity and missed opportunity as a means to grow and learn about ourselves, we will have accomplished more than the person who keeps ringing the same doorbell over and over who is oblivious to the idea that no one is home and no one will answer.   If we look at doors simply as a means to the journey itself, we will not only enjoy the journey more, but be less harsh on ourselves for not opening a certain door, or going through it or closing one when one should be closed because the energy on the other side is simply sucking the life out of us.  We cannot punish ourselves for going through the wrong door – we are just more aware of which ones we wish to trick-or-treat at from now on, right?

 When one closes, another one opens.   Let’s remember that the best door is one that opens our eyes, opens our hearts, opens our soul and opens to a gateway of positivity, hope and possibility.  Above all, let’s celebrate the door which opens up and gives us peace.



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