Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It’s been a rainy season.  And quite often when the rain falls, you’ll find a mixed bag of reactions.  Some people hate it. Some people love it.  It depends on if people view the rain as an inconvenience (traffic accidents, leaky roof, lost wages for outdoor events, an airplane delayed or a mood kill on a parade or picnic) or if they view the rain as something welcomed – like a cozy day inside, a free car wash or a watered yard.

Quite often, the rain can mean many things simultaneously depending on perspective.  But we all must realize that every now and again a little rain must fall.  

If we think about the rain as a life shift, we will understand the power of Mother Nature.  And it is up to us to tackle whatever challenges face us.

Let’s first take a look at inconveniences.  Rain falls in order to make us stop/pause in our tracks and remember SAFETY FIRST.  We must be safe as we walk so we don’t slip. We must drive more carefully.  We must take care of our health.  We must indeed ‘plan for a rainy day’ and remember that these days do come – so perhaps we cut back on our frivolous spending because sometimes rain does cost us a little extra.  Sometimes we need to replant, fix or repair something with our cars or homes and sometimes remember that if we do get rained out from a fun event, that it’s quite often a reminder to remember that it’s more important to be with the people we care about than to dwell on the negative part about the rain spoiling our day.

In the case of tragedy and great loss – the rain sometimes is very drastic.  But it also is to remind us of what matters and to honor each day that life gives us because it can be taken away in an instant.  It is to remind us that we have to endure and be strong and pick up the pieces of our spirit and start over.  It reminds us that all the times we sweated the small stuff... it really didn't matter - because when something of this magnitude affects your life, you are indeed grateful for the little things - like a kind gesture, outreach for help, a warm blanket and food.    It is also a reminder that we can indeed, rebuild again and that we as people can be resilient.  We have seen examples of this – all over the world: the rain may have caused a storm to destroy much, but it won’t destroy heart, spirit or human will.  It is here where survival is our reminder of how important life truly is.

When the rain comes – sometimes it can be cleansing and it can make us slow down when we are rushing through life too rapidly to notice life’s precious moments.   Sometimes the rain makes us wake up to responsibility.  Sometimes the rain makes us tend to our own procrastination of fixing or tending to things.  Sometimes the rain reminds us to reflect and appreciate life itself. 

So whenever it rains….remember, yes like Annie said, “The sun will come out tomorrow” – and when that happens, remember there will be rainbows.


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