Thursday, February 7, 2013


Our planet is changing and needs help.  But you think you're only one person and there's nothing you can do.

SOLUTION: Plant a tree. Sounds simple - but just think if everyone did this ONE simple thing!
Trees are important in more ways than we realize.

Trees.  They are our lifeline.  And in every religion and culture, we are tied together by the tree which gives us life as we know it.  While many may go back to the Bible and the Koran and look at the olive tree, fig tree or even the apple tree, there is no argument that trees have always been a big part of our history, our spirituality and a part of our being. 


Trees are sacred.  Trees are symbolic. Trees are necessary for our life on earth.  The Baobab tree in Africa stores 30,000 gallons of water and provides food, medicine, clothes, instruments and shelter. The Oyamel fir of Mexico is helping to protect and prevent extinction of the Monarch butterfly while the Quassia tree (which also is grown in South America) helps with parasites and fever.  The sacred Kien-Luen tree of China and Sakaki and Bonsai trees of Japan provide spiritual symbolism while both countries share the importance of the Camphor tree – an important medicinal tree.  The Rauwolfia tree of India is an antidote for snake bites. The Birch tree in Russia has sap is which is turned into tonics and soft drinks to minimize hangovers. The endless references in both Greek and Egyptian culture and history show how trees have been essential in life and how they are still utilized today.

 It doesn’t matter how you look at it, trees are vital to our existence, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical ways of life.  Human life itself is dependent on trees and this is our common thread between all cultures around on the planet.

Trees have great importance: Wood for fuel and warmth; nuts, seed, fruit and leaves for nourishment; they reduce noise and they clean the air from pollution; they provide timber for products, shelter and animal fodder; trees provide the essence for all-natural non-toxic cleaning products; trees fight erosion and also slow storm runoff; and trees provide antibiotics, cough syrups, insect repellents, lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, antiseptics, sodas, spices and healing teas from roots.  All trees… from the rain forest to the trees in forests all around our globe have a purpose.  

OXYGEN is perhaps the one thing humans tend to take for granted, which trees provide. And with the presence of Global Warming, more people are starting to understand the importance of planting more trees, saving trees, and how integral they are to the whole process of nature, evolution and maintaining life on the planet. Trees can help lower heating bills up to 30 percent and also air-conditioning bills by providing necessary shade (they can make between a 10-12 degree difference). 

Trees also provide peace and artistic inspiration.  You’re never too young or too old to appreciate a tree’s importance and this is perhaps most obvious in Shel Silverstein’s book, “The Giving Tree.”  It may shed some light on how much we take trees for granted.   Artists Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and more recent artists like David Hockney have celebrated trees in their works as have many musicians and poets who have referenced a tree or two in their creative artistry. 

But what can we all do to ensure the future of trees?  The answer is simple: care for the ones we have, recycle paper, don’t waste Christmas trees (buy ones already in a pot where you can replant it in the ground to give it a sound future) and plant more trees.  

When you realize how important trees are to life and to your own human existence, you will understand the power behind saving trees, cultivating more life and even create a bit more ZEN for yourself.  Nothing gives you more peace than empowering yourself and the planet by planting a tree.  Whether you join important organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation  or go to your own local nursery or gardening section of your local home improvement store and plant a tree in your own backyard or start giving trees as the gift that keeps on giving – planting a tree is therapeutic. It makes you feel good.  It makes the world a better place.  And it makes you feel one-with-the-earth.

So branch out!  Go out on a limb and plant a tree.  And you will ensure the future generations of your own family tree by doing so. 



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