Monday, March 18, 2013

When we think of Spring Break – most people think about vacations and parties and whooping it up in celebration of ‘spring fever’ that arises during the time when everyone can come out of winter hibernation.

But quite often, many people emerge from winter into spring feeling out-of-sorts. Most folks are recovering post-holidays, never really getting adequate rest, to the time change, to tax season to the many events that go on in people’s lives.  From midterms to kids getting vacation from school, to birthdays, anniversaries and many spring events which pop up – how does one get grounded again? 

The answer is getting your hands into the Earth.  If you do not have a yard to plant in – think about container gardening if you rent an apartment, condo or townhome.   If you don’t have the room for container gardening where you live, then think about house plants or even volunteering at a local community garden.   No matter what your situation – you can get your hands into some soil and plant some NEW LIFE.  

Planting new life isn’t just healthy for our environment – producing new life which in turn gives us cleaner air to breathe and keeps us sustainable, but planting new life can give each of us a feeling of new life, as well.

It is in this peaceful time that we can ‘be at one with the Earth’ – at any time and we don’t have to wait for Earth Day to come around to know what this feels like.   

Whether you are planting an herb garden in your kitchen window sill, or potting a plant to take into your office to place on your desk or simply helping out a neighbor or friend – this is a time where you can have a few moments to get re-centered in your life as well as get some sunshine, Vitamin D, and contribute toward your own well-being.   If you do something more extensive like full yard work – you can even burn up between 500-1,000 calories if you are churning soil and doing extensive planting, too. 

Planting.  It’s about getting grounded, feeling peaceful, doing something that makes you feel alive while bringing new life to our planet and planting your own stability during a chaotic and hectic time for a very healthy time-out.


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