Thursday, March 7, 2013

PROBLEM:  You keep saying you ‘don’t have enough time’ – when it comes to getting done just about everything on your list.   You put yourself last.  You procrastinate on many tasks.  You don’t enjoy simple things in life and you’ve gotten into a rut.

SOLUTION:  Spring forward…. And while this has nothing to do with changing your clocks like we’re about to do this weekend, it does have to do with changing your internal clock in your head so you can literally move forward with your life.  

Spring.  It’s the season that most people look forward to because it’s Daylight Savings Time.   Most in winter storm hell are looking forward to better weather to brighten both their mood and their spirit and to get outside finally.  

Spring is the time when flowers start to bloom, more color is everywhere and people tend to feel good about themselves again after winter hibernation.

But there are those who loathe springing forward as they think they ‘lose an hour’ by turning the clock back and miss out on much needed rest and sleep. 

When it comes to multitasking, it does seem that there are not enough hours within the day to actually  get everything done that needs to get done.

When it comes to overloaded schedules between work, working out, eating right (and not on the fly with convenience food, because of ‘lack of time) and doing things like going to the doctor and dentist for regular checkups – people tend to think that there is no possible way to spring forward into making everything happen.

Springing forward doesn’t just have to do with time management or organization as much as it has to do with a mind-shift in perspective in how one can literally move forward in life.
We cannot move forward in life unless we let go of the past.  We cannot move forward in life if we cling to what is not working instead of celebrating what does work.   We cannot move forward if we, ourselves become the paralyzing obstacles in our own way of doing the things we WANT to do and NEED to do and even PLAN and DREAM of doing. 

This has more to do with springing forward to new media…. Meaning it’s time to erase the old tapes in your head of how you were programmed from childhood.  We often get stuck in life in ruts and routines that do not serve us well.   We tend to forget that this is our one shot at life and we must live it to the fullest.  

If we do not take the time to breathe in what matters, how can we possibly enjoy the process and this ‘journey’ we speak of called life? 

FIFTEEN MINUTES.   While this term has mostly applied to someone’s ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ – let’s take this concept and apply it to your own fame area of life.  Yes – YOUR LIFE – you deserve to have fifteen minutes of fame every day!  

This is YOUR time- at the very least.  If you can allot for more – fantastic!  But for those of you who claim that you ‘have no time’ – let’s start with fifteen minutes. 

In fifteen minutes – you can:

  • ·         Take a cat nap
  • ·         Meditate
  • ·         Go for a neighborhood walk or do some stretching
  • ·         Make yourself a cup of tea - UNPLUG from the madness of your life
  • ·         Watch 5 funny videos online that will make you laugh and feel good
  • ·         Read a chapter in your favorite book
  • ·         Go outside and people watch
  • ·         Grab your favorite snack and have a catch-up conversation with a friend
  • ·         Play with your pet
  •       Dance & sing
  •       Take quick stroll in the park
  • ·         Pray
  • ·         Share random acts of kindness with strangers
  • ·         Allow yourself to know what it feels like to have 15 minutes to spend however you choose.  The point of all of this is to remind you that you can spring forward in life and you have the power to do that every single day – to change up your life and begin to enjoy it again.  You will soon find that your inner spirit will bloom and become more grounded at the same time.
 Springing forward……it’s a way to enhance your life’s journey.  



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