Monday, March 25, 2013

As a child, we were told to let go of a toy and share.

As a child, we had to let go of our fears and learn new things – like swing on the monkey bars or dare to play Dodge Ball and be hit with the ball.

Yet at the same time we were told to NOT let go of our parent’s hand when crossing the street.
And we were told to NOT let go of the handrail on the escalator or while climbing stairs.

At some point we somehow accidentally let go of a balloon and set it free.

Some children cry when they see the balloon go away.  Some children gasp with wonder as they watch it soar in the sky.  

We all react differently in letting go and we received lots of mixed messages over the years about what letting go actually means and the consequences of what happens when we do.

Letting go is a fine art.  We don’t realize it – but much like all the other lessons we learn in life, we have to at some point release everything.

So what is the real fear here?   When we let go of everything what is the fear?  Is the fear losing everything?  And so what if we did?  Is it so bad?  How do we react to that very balloon now? 

Do we cry? 

Do we gasp with wonder?

Letting go is hard for a lot of people.  Mostly because they look at letting go as rejection.  Truth is if you let go – and release, you’re surrendering to the idea of being free.

Freedom is about being strong enough to be okay no matter what and not put yourself in a position of thinking that life is about ‘hanging on’ to things which no longer serve you.
We often get stuck with staunch positions of ‘being right’ – but in doing so, we stay stuck in ego-mode.  How about being OPEN….open to learning, open to growing, even open to being wrong so that you can evolve into greater wisdom? 

What happens when we are open?  We release, we let go, we unleash the burdens which weigh us down and no longer feel ‘stuck’ in the position of victimization, or being wronged or feeling helpless or hopeless.  We simply are.  And in simply being – it is when we are most free.

The art of letting go is about trusting in the idea that we don’t know everything.  We still are works in progress and we have a lot to learn and more discoveries to make.  And isn’t that something really beautiful about life?  That we may actually have more living to do, more learning to do and more adventures to explore and discover? 

The art of letting go allows us to the great gift of what freedom truly is – the freedom to be human, to be allowed to make mistakes, the divine gift of forgiveness – of ourselves and of each other and simply being the best we can be. 

The art of letting go allows us to soar upward into the life we were meant to live and become who we were meant to become. 

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It

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