Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life. It is full of ups and downs.  And quite often, we as human beings tend to take on the negative of what a bad day brings.  By changing our perspective, we are given the chance to understand that life’s rollercoaster, is actually a good thing.   What!?  Yes, it’s true.

We often spend most of our energies looking at what isn’t working vs. what is.  We spend hours obsessing about how horrible our day is or how our life isn’t going quite right.

But ask yourself this question – whose measurement are you using?   Are you using the measurement and judgment of friends, family, society, the world, your culture?   Who are you truly trying to please?   

When we take a step back and take time to look at our lives and the total situation, we soon learn that the only person we really need to be at peace with at the end of the day is ourselves, because if we are not happy with who we are – how can we possibly be our best with those we love?

We can be our own worst critic.  We can be toughest on ourselves about our expectations or demands of everyday life, the world, and what we THINK that is expected of us.   The truth is that there are no real expectations other than to be decent, honest with ourselves and to be true to what resonates within us. 

Too often in the chaos of life and the ‘busyness’ of all we do, we forget to look at “THE TOTAL PICTURE.”    That’s right – the TOTAL PICTURE.   We’ve all heard the cliché of the glass half full or half empty.   Forget glasses of liquid for measurement and instead look at how life ends up balancing itself all on its own without anything we do to change it.   So why can’t we develop our own sense of perspective about life, the world, what we want out of life and how we choose to show up in it to be in balance with nature, with ourselves and find more peace within? 

Why do we spend hours battling ourselves?  Our own inner demons, baggage, issues, ideals, and principles of what we think we should believe because we think it is what OTHERS think is the right thing to do or say? 

Your life is your life.  And we all have to deal with the consequences of how we choose to live it.  At the end of the day – you have to be at peace with yourself or you cannot possibly extend peace to your fellow man, your family, your friends and those who matter in your life, if you are unhappy. 

Nature is the perfect solution to look for guidance.  It is in nature we see that we are offered proper perspective.    When seasons change as they do (even in climates where it appears that there are no seasons) – we are shown that there is a season and a reason for everything.   The wind blows to remove dead leaves.   The rain comes to wash away all the debris and to water the land.    The sun shines to add warmth and light.   The snow falls to provide a resting and hibernation period for nature and animals to take a rest.    This is not to say we need to follow suit with each and every season, but with every season comes a reason for being and for taking note that WE AS HUMANS must do this as well.   If we do not stop in our tracks to reflect, to rest, to discard negative energies, and seek out the light – we tend to miss out on some valuable perspective.  It is in this perspective we can shift gears to embrace the good things instead of reflecting on the negative aspects of what life brings us.

We need the dark moments to appreciate the light ones.  We need the non-stop waves of action to appreciate resting on the land.   We need for the wind to blow, so that we can appreciate being still and enjoy when the world is not whirling out of control at 45 miles per hour around us.  We need to examine how we are moving laterally vs. vertically to know when we are at the point of doing what is familiar or if we have the courage to move upward and reach higher like the tops of the trees. 

Nature.  It shows us many things if we just take the time to pay attention to appreciate what it teaches us.    And it is in this moment of learning about how nature works, we often can take the cue and learn how to adapt, change and grow ourselves.

Changing perspective with acceptance and adaptation, flexibility and fluid motion gives us the ability to embrace life a little better and improve how we live life.

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It

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