Monday, April 15, 2013

You exercise daily.  You do what you need to do take your daily time-outs for yourself.  You spend time with your family and friends and get in all the ‘you’ time you can.  But somehow, some way – you keep falling into this place where life is still getting you down and people and almost everything seems to be getting on your nerves.

How can you solve this?  

First ask yourself what the cause is. 

·         Is it your job?  Are you under a lot of pressure?  Too many deadlines?  Overworked?  Is there conflict in the work place?  

·         Are things piling up at home?   How cluttered is your environment?  Are you starting to feel disorganized and are you mismanaging your time, losing items all the time?
·         Are you having family issues/problems? 

Whatever the problem happens to be – you can’t solve it until you identify the root cause of why you are feeling out-of-balance with yourself.    We can do many things to make ourselves happy in the course of a day.  We can take care of needs large and small.  But sometimes if things don’t feel right, we don’t feel right. 

Journaling is a big help.  By journaling we are able to see patterns of our own mood swings and what the cause may happen to be.  If we are noticing we are irritated at the same time every day – perhaps it may have to do with getting out of balance due to something you are doing or not doing.

Causes could be...

·         Lack of energy like a mid-morning or mid-day slump.  Moods are often triggered by things like fatigue.  How much sleep are you actually getting?  Is it quality sleep?  Are you waking up in the middle of the night?   Perhaps you are not sleeping sound.  If you are having weird dreams or nightmares... perhaps a lot of stress you are facing is affecting your sleep patterns.  You will find that the cycle of this madness is created by not sleeping well.

·         How often do you eat?  Not eating right or on schedule can be the culprit.  Low blood sugar can affect your emotional state in how you handle conflict, confrontation or even the smallest of things like hearing someone’s tone incorrectly and your taking something someone says the wrong way.  In order for our brains to function properly we need to feed our brain.  If you happen to be dieting – this can create many mood swings from nutritional deprivation.  Make sure you are not lacking nutrients.

·         Sound.  Noise can affect us.  We all need QUIET TIME. There is often too much noise around us which affects our surroundings.  And we cannot think clearly when this happens.  Noise is everywhere – from traffic on the streets, gardeners with their leaf blowers, phones ringing, trucks backing up beeping, people talking all the time and endless other noises from machinery and equipment in many of our everyday environments.   When was the last time you only heard the wind blow or birds chirp?   Many of us can snap because we have too much noise around us.  

We have to take the time to start to consider how much is thrown at us in a 24 hour period and how much we take on and endure.   We also need to learn to ‘detach’ ourselves from the outcome of things we cannot control and the behaviors of other people which can put our day on another course.  We have to make sure that negativity around us does not rub off onto us to change or alter our day, but rather we must learn to manage how we react and feel.  

This may seem strange to consider, but we do not often realize that we as humans are like sponges and we pick up whatever is around us; we enable things to affect us negatively and if we do not take care of things and maintain our well-being in our surroundings, things can take their toll and ultimately put us into a downward spiral even if we are the happiest, healthiest people on the planet. 

Awareness.  Slowing down to pay attention and taking stock by logging what we think and feel when we are off-center, helps us to re-center and regain our footing again.  So the next time you schedule your ‘you time’ – make sure that it also includes time to actually paying attention the real core of the problem so that you can address it with the proper solution of what is causing you to feel off-kilter.  Investing this special time constructively instead of going the full-pace you are used to, can resolve much more than you realize and suddenly you don’t have to ‘fill’ your time with things that aren’t really addressing the problem and actually start working with the real solutions that do!

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It


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