Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just as surely as the sun will shine, the wind blows.

And just as surely as each day comes, we will encounter different kinds of problems or challenges in our lives we either are prepared or not prepared to handle.

But like the wind that blows, we must understand that sometimes not all problems are meant to be solved, but rather resolve themselves as a matter of change that takes place.
What?!  Yes, this is true.  And as your We Solved It Solution Sleuths, believe us when we say that this has been a life lesson we have lived through to talk about.

We may not always like when change happens, but change is necessary.

Change doesn’t happen as some ‘evil thing’ – change happens for the greater and higher good of all things and people sometimes.   Change sometimes will bring out the best of people and the worst of people.  But it always tests who we are as character. 

A very wise and talented actor named Dick Hardwick (who played “Pecos Bill”) from the Guinness Book of World Records longest running stage show, The Golden Horseshoe Revue at Disneyland once said “All things must come to an end, because if things don’t come to an end, then how can you look back and say boy that sure was good!”  He was referring to the closing of the show, so that a new show could come in.  And rather than be sad about it, he looked at change as a necessary thing. 

What he says is true.  We cannot reflect back and appreciate anything without change.  If we never had changes in seasons, changes in history, changes with new inventions, changes in our friends, family, society – we cannot grow. 

And while a lot of people get nostalgic looking back at the ‘good ol’ days’ – if we didn’t have continuous winds of change, how could we appreciate those days?   How can we appreciate the meaning of a life?   Rarely do we appreciate things while they are here.  Too many people do not live in the present, they live in the past.  And then you don’t appreciate what you have until it is gone. 

Why do we waste our lives expending our energies in areas which do not serve our well-being in living in the now, the present to enjoy what we have.  

Sure, with all winds of change – there is good and there is bad.  But there is always a balance of both even as time moves forward.   For every change that happens for the bad, there is a change that happens for good.   One of the reasons why we have life and death is to understand the meaning of both.  One of the reasons why we have love and loss – is for the very same reason.  

If we look at life and the contrast of the wind – we have high winds and low winds.  Just like the tide – we have high tide and low tide.   We have rainy days and sunny days.  We have hot and cold, slow and fast, forward and backward, up and down, sweet and salty, light and dark…….and through all of it we have variety, differences to celebrate and we also have moments.

But if we do not take the time to enjoy what we have in the moment, sometimes like the winds of change, as they blow by fast or simply stick around for awhile as breezes – we lose the value and meaning of why things are the way they are and why winds of change are necessary.

When we start to embrace what that means for each of us, we can start to live life more fully.
While we cannot control the winds of change, we can take the time to change how we deal with change.  And that is a solution we can take on!

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It

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