Monday, April 8, 2013

Some people think trying new things is fun.  Others are creatures of habit and are scared to step outside of knowing what they know to ever learn anything new.  While others try to do something new and never quite get the support from family or friends for having the courage to try new things.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you cannot do something, just because you've never done something before.  Life is an adventure and it is about learning and experiencing what it has to offer.

Whether you are trying to change career paths and learn a new skill or trade; or perhaps take up a new sport, hobby or craft you’ve never tried before like painting or even go back to school to take a class to get certified in a new field – Taking the chance to learn something takes bravery, courage and a sense of wonder.

When we were children in Kindergarten and elementary school, our classes were filled with variety.  In one single day we would not just learn Math, English, Spelling, Science or History – we might learn to sing a song, do a dance, finger paint, color, participate in contests, we would read a whole variety of books, and even write what we liked about them in book reports.   At recess we would play with our friends from kick ball to swinging on the monkey bars; we would run, play hopscotch, dodge ball and talk about everything under the sun with our classmates and friends.

If you think about how much variety we packed into our days as children and realize that we really don’t do that too much as adults – it is easy to see how we get in ruts or patterns in our lives of work, bills/errands, repeat.   Life becomes boring and stagnant.   Some people get depressed, tired of the routine and become disconnected with the wonders of life.

THE SOLUTION is about making changes in your life for the better.  Even if you pack your day with more than work bills/errands – perhaps you need to change how you approach your day, even if it is jogging instead of aerobics or having the occasional salad for lunch instead of the same boring sandwich.  Maybe you need to put your energies into planting a garden or learning to play an instrument or even try new places to dine or do your weekly shopping.   These are the baby steps you can do before you try something more adventurous like surfing or try 4-wheeling or even skydiving.   However, even if it is the baby steps that make your life better and that is all you need to spice up your life – keep trying new things each day and you’ll rediscover something within your spirit to make you feel alive again.

Making changes and trying something new in your life doesn’t have to be huge or drastic, but it does require some open-minded thinking and willingness to do the smallest of changes in trying something new before you have the guts to do something on a larger scale.

And above all, do not get discouraged.  Even if your friends and family do not support you – does not mean you should give up being who you are.

It is in taking the time to learn and try something new, that we see what we are capable of doing and we learn who we really are, what we like and what we are made of.

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It



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