Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Theoretical Physicists of course have their own ideas about ‘string theory’ as it relates to Physics, Gravity, experimental tests, relativity and The Universe.  And we can get into theories and sub-theories about what all of it means.  But if you take the idea of strings down to a very elementary tangible and material level of being, what do you think of? 

When you think of string … what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?  Do you think of a ball of twine?  Do you think of Marionette puppets?  Do you think of string on a kite?   Perhaps you may have a string that is hanging from your shirt pocket that you are looking at right now, the dental floss you used this morning,  or even string that is helping attach plant vines to a trellis or support stick in a potted plant.   If you’re channeling Julie Andrews in “Sound of Music” – you’re probably thinking of ‘brown paper packages tied up with string…. These are a few of my favorite things…” 

When you think of string instruments you probably think of the guitar, violin, cello, bass, piano and harp.  If you are really into music you probably have heard of the zither, ruan, ektara, koto, mandolin, dan bau, sitar, Appalachian dulcimer or Hawaiian ukulele. 

String instruments which have a way of creating the feeling of well-being, perhaps because they produce sound through vibration.  Vibration resonates and notes are created from direct contact with the strings and are based on string or scale length.  Most instrumental music is soothing, calming, peaceful, emotional, somber, reflective or just happy and upbeat. No matter what the mood, instruments themselves somehow provide a balanced vibe just because they are vehicles for musicians to express themselves as they are either plucked, bowed, or struck.

For those without musical strings attached, strings have their own way of showing up in our lives. But we must not always look at the string as being ‘tied,’ ‘knotted,’ ‘frayed’ or ‘tangled’ in the perspective of impossibility.   If we look at strings this way, we are doomed to stay stuck in a messed up mindset which is not a healthy way to live. 

Much like a life puzzle, we can look at how string can be helpful and useful.  If we look at string as thread or yarn, we can create something magnificent.  If we examine a shoestring for example, we can see how we can keep our shoes on or be crafty with a limited budget and challenge ourselves to make the most of what we have. 

Sometimes strings can actually assist us in holding things together.  Sometimes we must cut strings which bind us, hold us back from our potential and imprison us from living our best lives. But quite often strings can be woven into a beautiful life tapestry of many colors so we can witness with our own eyes, how far we have come in our journey and what we have accomplished and created along our own pathway.   

We all have a choice as to what to do with our strings. And we must celebrate the differences in how we choose to use them.

One person can be happiest creating art with it.  Another may want to make a clothesline outside to give it a practical use. Someone else may truss a beef roast and put it in the oven.  While two children could tie tin cans to it and play telephone and communicate with it.   The best part is realizing that what we do with the string is just as much a part of who we are, as it is with our own connection to what matters to us in our lives.  Strings can be woven into something more if we choose, too. There is always a greater purpose for strings than ourselves.

Strings have a way of resonating with more than just music, we can rhythmically be synchronized in our ways of thinking and being.  Often our thoughts, life purpose, mission and initiative can be like the music strings and truly resonate with others whereby we can create movements for proactive change in our world – creating a world vibration.  

But it is up to us to each untangle our string and wind it up and keep the ball rolling in forward movement if we are to make progress, hopefully leaving a thread trail for others to follow suit in making a difference somehow, some way, somewhere.

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It


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