Friday, June 28, 2013


KIDS.  They are our future.  Our world has changed.  And so has our way of life.  Whether or not adults choose to accept any of it is one thing – but THIS concerns us here at We Solved It.  WHY?  Because it is the adults today who are shaping the kids of tomorrow.  And if we do not BREAK THE SICK CYCLE, the cycle keeps on continuing.  This is a scary thought.  It is this scary thought that prompted the SIXTY BOOKS (and yes more to come) that we here at We Solved It have written with the hope to help shift some sort of movement of change.

We all talk about wanting a loving world, a peaceful world, a more mindful world… but what are we as adults doing to shape it and make it better?   We see lots of lazy adults who think it is someone else’s responsibility.   Truth is, we ALL HAVE THE ABILITY to make changes, help the next generation of kids.  And for those who are sitting back as lumps in their armchairs waiting for the world to change, here at WE SOLVED IT, we are taking action to change it.

We Solved It Kids is a series of sixty written books which help kids by telling stories which have kids helping other kids.  We want children to learn that helping their peers learn, grow and be positive is a good and healthy thing.   In a world today that encompasses lots of online gaming and peer-to-peer isolation at home or online, we want to remind kids that developing social skills by sharing, doing things together, communicating, befriending other kids at school and in their neighborhood communities and being helpful and kind is what life is all about.   We also want to encourage kids to get involved in activities that foster team spirit, good sportsmanship, strong values and also to remember kindness goes a long way.  

We want bullying to stop.

We want friendships to grow and be healthy.

We want to eliminate jealousy, envy, worry, hatred, prejudice, judgment and negativity.

We wish to breed happiness, joy, sharing, caring and learning.  

We want acceptance, respect and CO-EXISTENCE to flourish, for kids to only see differences as a GOOD thing and celebrate them and respect people for them and become educated and open to learning what makes us different and how NOT to bully someone just because they are different from how we look or different from how they learn or different from how they function in life or different because of the clothes they wear, what religion they believe in or what subjects in school they enjoy and thrive in.  

It is in our differences we can celebrate one another.  And here at WE SOLVED IT, this is part of our mission – we wish to empower children to be themselves and be happy with themselves and with each other and live a life of positive thinking so that they can be equipped to handle our planet mindfully and respectfully, and each other with generosity and heart. 

If we can only do this one child at a time, it is still worth the effort.  But we hope to open the minds and hearts of adults to help as parents in shaping the future of our world.   Since the educational system is cutting back Life 101 classes and kids today are lacking survival skills, we hope to help develop this, too.  

We are all works in progress.  We all have a lot to learn.  And we need to be conscious of what we are passing along to the next generation.  It starts with us in how we think and feel, act and react.  It starts with our actions – of how we treat people in our lives, how we take care of the planet, how we educate and develop understanding.  

Fostering dreams, goals, achievement and being our best selves.

And being our best selves means educating today’s youth that doing good things for others and being a good person is a cool thing, a worthwhile thing and if we all act this way, the world starts changing. If we’re all helpful, the world starts changing.  If we accept each other and express positive thoughts and express positive feelings, the world starts changing – not just our own world and the world we know within our own families, with our friends, with our neighbors, schools, on the playground, and wherever we show up, but positive change is contagious.  Soon all others will make changes for the positive, too. 

If we do not act this way, how will the next generation be?  A mess.  Let’s stop the madness.  Let’s start with making changes now, from our own everyday consciousness to educating our children, our future.

Join us and our Solution Revolution in helping to make this world a better place from your daily actions.  Support our mission to help this next generation grow into what we ultimately desire as a peaceful planet. 

Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world” – here at We Solved It, we couldn’t agree MORE!

Let’s SOLVE problems today, so there IS a better tomorrow. 

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It


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