Monday, August 19, 2013


When you see a bee land on a flower, what do you do?  Chances are you either swat at it, run/shriek/scream at it or worse, kill it.  While it’s nice to ignore it and leave it alone – it’s also very important to be conscious of how important the bee is and respect it. It’s time to be thankful for the bee and be respectful for its chief importance of pollinating the world’s crops and food supply, in addition to pollinating crops like cotton.   

Bees are responsible for the food on your table and the clothes on your back, the Q-tips in your ears, the sheets on your bed and towels in your bathroom.  And while birds, wasps, bats and other types of insects also help pollinate our world, it is the honey bee who literally is the worker bee of the bunch credited for pollinating the majority of the nation’s crops. 

The bee often gets a bad rap.  But the truth is the bee is our friend.  And without the bee, the world would be in serious trouble in being sustainable producing food for all of us who live on this planet.  

Honey is an important food source. It is more than just a sweetener, it is an antibiotic and has lots of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well.  Honey is also a pre-biotic helping the human body absorb probiotics better into the system, along with helping dissolve fat cells and reduce cholesterol.  It’s also great for the skin. Many often put honey in their tea, particularly when they are sick, but perhaps may not be aware or comprehend just how important it is in overall wellness including arthritis, bladder infections and heart plaque.    

And we can thank the bee for this precious gift.

Bees also produce wax.  Wax is one of the top ingredients in hair products, car products, cosmetics, lotions, cleaners and shoe polishes and of course the healthiest and safest candle you can burn because there is no harmful lead, it is all-natural.  Again, we can thank our friend, the bee. 

We depend on the bee more than we realize for so many things we take for granted every day.  Many organizations around the world are doing their part in bringing about awareness about bee keeping to fighting against pesticides which are killing off the all-important bee we need so very much.   Other organizations are about promoting education, preservation, encouraging consumers to buy local produce and honey from sustainable farms and farmer’s markets, to spreading the word about how bees are dying off and we need to do our part in continuing planting what we can, for that helps sustain the bee, too.

It’s time to create some buzz about the bee.  Join us at We Solved It in spreading the word by forwarding the link to this blog to encourage others to become more aware and “BEE” conscious about the importance of bees. 

Thank you. 

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It


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