Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Most of the time when you think of walls, you think of people putting up armor or barriers so that they cannot be reached.   Sometimes when you are challenged, you may think of climbing the wall or breaking through the wall to get to the other side – beit known goal or unknown.   But sometimes in life we find ourselves up against a wall – a ticking clock timeline, running out of what options we think we have to do something or be somewhere or grasp hold of an opportunity.  Sometimes we are challenged to battle the beast loose inside the four walls and we are not given the option to climb or breakthrough walls, but we must face it – like confrontation head-on in order to conquer fears, or face reality.   

While most people may consider this an awful thing, we need to examine what this really means. 

There are times though, when being pushed against a wall means you are being challenged to be creative in other ways to make the most of where you are at in order to push your growth boundaries a little further than you think you could push them.   The truth is that there is no escaping reality.  Think about it. If you and inside these walls, the way you would be locked inside a cage with a lion, you have no choice but to be confronted with what your reality is, which means you technically cannot run away from your problems.  In order to conquer your problems, you have to become friends with it and unafraid of it, be calm and centered, then think outside the cage or walls.  It is at this time that we are shown just how important our centering, balance and strength are in order to overcome where we are. 

We don’t often take time to recognize progress or acknowledge opportunities for greatness and establishing new realms of possibility unless we are left with certain choices.  Sometimes this gives us a chance to re-evaluate.  We are then able to make wiser choices accordingly. 
In the meantime, this does not mean we are stuck looking at walls that cannot be overcome, climbed or broken through.   Sometimes it is a moment of gratitude that we must have and then make the most of the walls that are there.   We have a chance for even more growth in problem-solving when we are thankful for being challenged in the first place.   The wall then can sprout with new possibilities and create new ways of creating perspective that can better serve us for the greater good. 

But to accomplish this, we must let go of old plans which can sometimes anchor us and hold us back or hold us down, preventing the seeds we now need to cultivate and foster in order to grow new things out of this wall.   

From here, we must release ideas, thoughts and sometimes dreams in order to embrace a new one that is better, more suited and which may lead to a greater pathway intended for us to become even more than we thought.  

So the next time you see a wall, remember that there is still yet another option to work with other than what you think is the most obvious or more familiar of the options.   This is your time to shine and be creative in seeing just how far you can go to make it more beautiful.

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It


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