Friday, October 25, 2013

When was the last time you were outside and you simply reached up and looked upward?  Can you remember?   Think about it.   If you cannot remember, be sure to do this if you are feeling ‘blah’ and out of sorts.  Just remember to wear sunscreen and sunglasses and don’t look directly at the sun!  

Here at We Solved It – just like you, we occasionally need to remind ourselves to do this.  It is in this upward reach and looking upward we can re-center and balance our days.  

You may have heard or read that if you smile, you can change your mood.  This is also applicable for when you look up and reach upward; you can elevate and escalate what is going on inside of you just by catering to how you change up the dynamic of what is going on, on the outside, too.  You have the power to make this change just by this one simple move. 

Stretch your arms up toward the sun, look up toward the sky and breathe in and out.  It takes just a couple seconds – something you can do on a work break very easily.  It will reset and recharge you for the day.   You can also add this to your workout – most people do not stretch enough. 

We talk a lot about internal stretching – stretching of ideas and concepts, stretching of the creative imagination and exploring.  But just like variety is the spice of life, people get into mood ruts, too.

When was the last time you heard of a mood work out?  Well, here at We Solved It, we have one of those, too.   We adopted the methods from many actors we happen to know, who take it upon themselves to stay sharp within their craft and field.  Actors, who do Improv, have to spontaneously respond to what they are presented and instantaneously take on a new emotion, direction and mood at the snap of a finger.   It is with this exercise routine, we discovered that doing this helps exercise other muscles that many of us do not exercise enough. 

When was the last time you cried?  The good kind – to the point of dry heaving sobs?

When was the last time you laughed – for real, from the gut, out loud?

When was the last time you felt extreme joy – the kind that makes you jump up and down?

We ask about these three things and stop here, because we have discovered that most people often feel mad, angry, stressed, frustrated, jealous/envious and bitter more than they feel the other three emotions above.   

This is a problem.  This is what we need to solve in this world.  We need to return to expressing grief to rid ourselves of built up emotional toxins, laughing every single day and jumping up and down for joy.   Not only will this make you happier and healthier, it will make you sick less often.  Did you know this?

And just like reaching upward and looking up, there are methods whereby we can create this, too.  But it is about creating new healthy habits in our lives.   Just like making our bed each day is a habit or pouring that cup of coffee is a habit, we need to create new habits that incorporate upward mobility for our spirits. 

So take time each day to laugh at yourself, release grief, and literally jump up and down (though preferably outside, not in apartment where you will disturb your neighbor below), and take the time to reach and look up – you just may find yourself smiling more often.  

~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It

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