Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dr. Richard Carlson said “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”   And we have indeed learned that many of the petty things most people sweat is indeed that – the small stuff.   Here at We Solved It, we say “Be grateful and thankful for the small stuff!”  And we say that for BIG reasons.

Isn’t it the very small stuff that causes worry, the very stuff we SHOULD be thankful for?  There are people right this very minute in this big world we live in who don’t even have the small stuff to sweat because they are sweating much larger stuff.   In the case of recent typhoon and tornado victims – they are sweating much bigger stuff than any of us could imagine.   Those who are faced with challenging survival mode are looking at life very differently right now and we all should be taking this into consideration when we reflect upon daily life.  We are very lucky and we have small stuff and large stuff to be thankful for, including our own challenges that are not as vast as others are facing.

In the light of being thankful, aside from counting our blessings – it is a time of outreach and taking a moment to be of service, of help and to not complain about our grievances but rather provide optimistic light of hope and assistance however we can.  We'd like to suggest changing your browser to:   This is an easy thing to do and an easy way for you to give - even if you are being challenged this year and think there's nothing you can do.  If you are on the Internet everyday anyway, why not earn funds for your favorite charity or cause with every search you do?

Being thankful shouldn’t just be a once-a-year occurrence during the holidays but all year long, because life happens all year long and each day we have more to be thankful for in all that is good.

We can learn much from those who are facing adversity in their waking hours of utilizing their will, strong spirit and perseverance to carry onward to make progress not merely just to survive but to overcome.  They are thankful for every small thing as a sign of hope, an act of kindness and goodwill and to know that all is not dead when it comes to the generosity of the human spirit.  They set quite an example for all the rest of us who have been blessed just to be here.  Perhaps we all can be thankful and follow suit for appreciating the small things that make life beautiful.

With that said, we want to say THANK YOU to you for reading our blogs, sharing them, sharing our solutions and tips with those in your life and for your support in being here with us and sharing your feedback with us. 

We want to express how thankful and grateful we are to know you and for all you do to make each day a lovely one.
Happy Thanksgiving every single day… we thank you for the bounty of blessings.

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