Saturday, December 14, 2013

Safety is something we think about year-round.  But with the holidays, lots of people get caught up in the moment and forget some simple key ways to be safe around the season.

If you read our blog regularly, you’ll know we just posted a blog on TIME FOR FIRE SAFETY REMINDERS
You will find many of these fire safety reminders to be related to safety for kids and pets. 

Some of the most obvious safety reminders may appear to be obvious, but it is easy to ‘forget’ the dangers affiliated with holiday activities.  Here are a few tips we’d like to post.   We hope that even if this is just a refresher for you that if our tips can help save one child or one pet it’s worth being repetitive. 

*Fire wood is wonderful if you are lucky enough to have a wood burning fire place. And while you may already practice fire safety tips mentioned in our previous blog – chances are you have firewood placed on your hearth at one point or another inside of your home at a level that small children and pets can reach.  Do not forget that black widow spiders like to nest in piles of wood.  One bite from this spider can be a lethal one.   Be sure to inspect all of your fire wood thoroughly before you bring it inside.   Keep watch for splintery bits that often fall off when bringing the wood inside.   Stocking feet of kids and adults as well as the padded paws of four-legged family members will appreciate not getting toe splinters if you take this extra precaution.

*Holiday plants look lovely – but they can kill your cat or dog.  Caladium, Christmas Berries, Christmas Rose, Jerusalem Cherry, Holly, Mistletoe, Pointsettia, Star of Bethlehem, Elderberry and even common house plants like English Ivy or Philodendron which often accompany red and green floral arrangements can be deadly to your pets.  Even if you are extra careful with these holiday arrangements… even simple floral arrangements for your mantle, dinner table can be deadly. Keep them out of reach and out of places where they can be knocked over by curious climbers – both the two and four-legged ones. 

*Hooks and pins are great for your holiday wreath or tree to hang lots of baubles and help hanging lights both inside and out, but should one fall off onto the floor, carpet or even just outside your home it can easily be swallowed slitting the throat of your toddler or pet!   Even if you do not have children or pets – a metal hook in your foot or in your car tire, really isn’t fun.  Watch out as you decorate in all your merriment – and be extra careful. 

* Ornaments and lights are beautiful for decorating, but they can be dangerous, too.  While glass bulbs are probably on your radar - Ornaments adorn everything these days from holiday garland, wreaths and trees to table coffee table centerpieces with candles.   Most of you may be aware that glass ornaments are dangerous and many can fall onto hard surfaces like a hearth, entryway or floor and shatter – you may not be aware that some plastic ornaments are not as durable as you think.  Small shards of plastic can be dangerous, too – as most ornaments are hollow and have seams which split easily.  Even if the ornament is in tact, look for these plastic fragments to break away from corners.  Many of these ornaments may not be up to temperature/heat (those that sit directly next to holiday lights  or feel the heat of the fireplace it sits next to) – breaking down the material, making it more vulnerable to small cracks and breakage.

*Wires/electrical cords are a necessity when ‘plugging in’ your festive lights inside your home.  Curious children and pets around a LIVE Christmas tree that is watered regularly to keep from drying out with dangling cords for lights nearby is deadly.  If you have pets that drink from your toilet – what is to stop them from drinking water from the base of your holiday tree?   Stay aware of this danger and be cautious of cords and wires that get pulled out and plugged in with the curiosity that comes from snooping around surrounding presents around the tree’s baseline (kids and pets), as well as the water that some pets may be drinking and playing around.   

*Holiday treats are in abundance during this time – candy, cakes, fudge, pies … it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming when you have friendly co-workers, neighbors, friends and relatives who drop by with plates full of goodies.   While most parents are careful with children and their nut allergies and dogs around chocolate – we would like to take this time to remind everyone that these treats in the wrong hands or paws, can make a very UNMERRY holiday season.  The same should be said for hot cocoa, hot cider, coffee and tea – spilling of hot beverages within reach of kids or pets can burn your loved ones.    And while alcohol goes without saying – everyone knows not to serve it to little ones and pets, you also need to take precautionary measures.  When Grandpa Al or Aunt Joanne happen to ‘forget’ they’ve left their hot toddy on a low-level coffee or end table in the living room during their visit – this can present some dangerous circumstances.   

While the holidays are supposed to be fun and we’re not trying to put a damper on your spirit, we DO want to ensure happy, safe, peaceful, healthy holidays for all.   With so much going on between the shopping, wrapping, cooking and travel planning – we don’t want you to get so distracted you forget that your children and pets also look to you to protect their health and safety.

By taking extra care this holiday season you can ensure your family will have happy holidays.
~ Athena & Tess – We Solved It

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